Chelsea Tikotsky is an abstract artist. Born in 1985, Chelsea's love for art started at a young age growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her parent’s recognition and encouragement of this passion is what led her to pursue her creative and artistic side.  She graduated from California State University, San Francisco (SFSU) with a B.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting.  During her University years she studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the California State University of Florence and the Accademia di Belle Arti.  It was a unique experience that enabled her to travel and explore a variety of art and culture throughout Europe.

Chelsea's medium of choice is oil but she also experiments with watercolors. She finds herself captivated by nature’s magical moments and channels this inspiration into the free-flowing expression of her abstract art. Through the diverse strokes of her painter's knife and brush, along with a rich interplay of textures and colors, her work embodies a sense of fluidity and motion.

Chelsea also draws inspiration from the nostalgic moments in life, striving to infuse her art with the positivity

Chelsea resides in Dublin, CA with her white Labrador Retriever named Lizzie and her calico cat named Emma.